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What Should Be Done to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram?

What Should Be Done to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram?

The Right Hashtags Will Get You to the Target Audience You Want
The use of hashtags is very important on Instagram as well as on other social networks. Even if we say that the use of hashtags is the most effective on this platform, we are not exaggerating. Up to 30 hashtags can be used in one post on Instagram. However, although users who push this limit and exaggerate the use of hashtags think that they will reach more users and increase their follower numbers, in fact, this is not the case. Because when a post is shared and too many hashtags are used, this sharing causes you to reach the number of temporary followers, not permanent. As a result of hashtags unrelated to the theme of your account, about 90 percent of the users who follow your page can unfollow after a while. We can answer the question of how to use hashtags, which is important for gaining permanent followers, as follows;

For example, when you share a nature photo, it will be enough to use up to 10 related hashtags such as #nature, #landscape, #photo. This will make the other party feel that you are not worried about followers, that you care about quality, really useful and visual, and that you will gain permanent followers when you continue sharing by showing the same meticulousness with similar content. This will increase the popularity and quality of your account.

Original and Appropriate Shares Should be Made According to Your Theme
Although the use of hashtags is important, there are other elements that need to be considered, of course. It is important that your account has a specific theme and that shares are made in accordance with this theme in general. For example, one day nature, one day a user who shares fashion-specific shares may not reach the desired result. For this reason, a user who makes quality shares within a certain theme almost every day can reach the number of followers he targets in a short time. In other words, posts that integrate with each other and are visually compatible; when shared at the right times and with few but relevant hashtags, it both protects existing followers and helps to gain new followers. In short, we can give the message as follows; the more regular and attentive your shares are, the sooner you can reach your goal. In addition, the fact that the images and videos used in the shares are original and high resolution also contributes to the fact that your account is followed by more people. Original content is a must for being able to stand out on social media today. If you can't give users a valid reason to follow you and not other similar accounts, you may not be able to reach the target audience you want. Again, it is vital that you recognize your target audience of followers and determine which types of content they give more interaction to. Posts that get more likes and thus more engagement bring in more followers.

Order Is Always Important
As we mentioned above, the time interval December well-defined and regularly made shares leave an impact on people. If a page that is followed and attracts attention does not share for a few days, it can be immediately forgotten or unfollowed. Because users expect the account to share. For example, an account that makes a horoscope interpretation, a horoscope interpretation should be published daily. Otherwise, the user who visits the account to read the horoscope may unfollow the user when they do not find what they are looking for and may immediately follow another account. For regular December posts, determine the appropriate time intervals in which your followers are active. Try to make shares without overwhelming your followers with too many shares. For this, follow the articles and comments well. Find out at what December intervals people log into social networks. The December time interval is well determined and the shares made enough to be sufficient will give the desired effect.

Support Your Account with Other Social Networks
One of the important steps to increase followers on Instagram is to get support from other social networks. Instagram Facebook and Twitter accounts, such as existing followers, you can also allow your followers to follow your Instagram account. Sharing your posts on Instagram on other networks also helps you achieve your follower goals.

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