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Twitter Videos Won't Open, Playback Error Solution

Twitter Videos Won't Open, Playback Error Solution

People who want to watch videos from their Twitter accounts cannot watch the videos they are curious about from time to time, and therefore they encounter the problem that twitter videos do not open. There may be different reasons why videos published in the application cannot be played.

With the disappearance of these reasons, it becomes possible to conduct re-monitoring. The details about the reasons why the videos cannot be played and the solutions are as follows;

Why Don't Twitter Videos Open? 
There may be more than one reason why videos uploaded to the Twitter application do not open. At the beginning of these reasons, the application is out of date. Outdated applications may have a playback problem. The second reason is the use of the ad blocking application. Since this application will prevent the videos from opening, there may be a playback error. The last reason is the problem of not being able to play videos from twitter.

What Are the Solutions to Twitter Video Playback Error?
People who encounter the problem of videos on Twitter not opening or playback error will be unhappy because they cannot watch the videos they want. However, there are solutions developed to enable the videos to be opened. The ways to resolve Twitter playback error are as follows;

Updating the Twitter app
Uninstall and reinstall the Twitter app
Login to the application account via the browser
Checking the Internet connection
Find out if the problem is caused by twitter
In this way, the desired videos can be watched in a short time. Moreover, there is no need to apply or pay for the implementation of these ways.

Updating the Twitter App
The first of the ways to solve the Twitter video playback error is to update the twitter application. The reason why the videos are not opened may be due to the old version of the application. In this case, updating the application installed on the phone can make the problem disappear.

Delete and Reinstall the Twitter App
The solution to the problem of not opening the videos is possible by deleting and reinstalling the installed twitter application. For this, the Twitter application is accessed from the settings section of the mobile device and the uninstall command must be given. After the uninstallation process is completed, the application can be reinstalled via the Google Play Store or App Store.

Login to Twitter Account from Browser
The problem of not opening the videos shared on Twitter may not be solved by updating the application or deleting and reinstalling it. The solution that can be used in this case is to log in to the twitter account via the browser. For this www.twitter.com by entering the address, login is made with the account name and password. It is possible to open the video that is not opened in the application via the web browser.

Checking the Internet Connection
The reason why Twitter videos do not open may be due to internet connection. For this, people need to check the internet connection on their mobile devices or computers. If Wifi or a mobile network is used, the connection can be disconnected and reconnected. By trying this method, it is possible to open the video that is not opened.

Find Out If the Video Playback Problem Is Caused by Twitter
In cases where the reason for the inability to play videos is not caused by the user or the application, none of the solution methods will work. In this case, account holders need to resort to different methods or look for the cause of the problem in different places. If the problem is not caused by the application or account owner, it may be caused by twitter. Problems with Twitter servers may cause videos to be unable to play or other operations to be performed. For this, it should be found out whether the problem is caused by twitter.

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