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Twitter Permanent Account Closure (Deletion)

Twitter Permanent Account Closure (Deletion)

From smart mobile phones and computers, the process of permanently closing (deleting) a Twitter account is easily performed with a few steps. Twitter, which has become the most popular social sharing application in the world, is a social platform where thoughts, photos and videos are shared, groups of friends and loved celebrities can be easily followed.

Although it is actively used by many people, for various reasons, the user may want to permanently close his account. On the application, users can perform this operation in a short time, with a few simple operations.

Closing (Deleting) a Twitter Account from a Mobile Phone
In order for smartphone users to delete their Twitter account, first of all, the application must be installed on their mobile phones. When the Twitter user account is logged in;

By clicking on the user profile, the settings section is logged in.
In the settings section, click on the Disable my account link.
Your account will be deleted within 30 days notice will be received.
When the incoming warning section is confirmed, the Twitter account is logged out. After 30 days, the user's Twitter account becomes inactive.

Closing (Deleting) a Twitter Account from a Computer
In order to close a Twitter account with the help of a desktop, laptop or tablet, the Twitter application must be installed on the computer. By logging in to the Twitter application, the user profile opens;

In the application window, click on the settings tab.
At the bottom of the window that opens, click on the tab that shows the deactivation of the account.
In the window that opens, the warning that the account will be deleted within 30 days is confirmed.
When exiting the application, at the end of the 30-day period, the user's Twitter account is permanently deleted.

Things to Know Before Deleting a Twitter Account
In case of deactivation of the Twitter account, the Twitter username will still be visible. However, due to the absence of a profile, interactions cannot be redirected to the user whose account has been deleted.

The user whose account has been deleted can benefit from the support report within the framework of the rules of the application. A Twitter user does not have to close their account to change their email account or other personal information. Even without closing his Twitter account, he can actively use his account by updating the user information contained in the application. If the user wants to use the e-mail address later, he must update the e-mail address before closing his account.

Can the User Use His/Her Account During the Twitter Account Closure (Deletion) Process?
For the user who wants to close their Twitter account, a 30-day period has been defined for the permanent deletion of their account. When the user opens his account again before this period expires, his account will be active.

If the user wants to close his account, he has to close it again after the last access to the application and wait for the expiration of the 30-day period.

Can the Twitter Account Be Activated Again?
Even if the user closes his/her account in the Twitter application, the user information is stored in the Twitter account. When the user wants to activate his/her account and verifies his/her personal information, his/her account becomes active again.

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